Number 33 qualifies 24th for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race in Atlanta and suffers collision at lap 126

ATLANTA – Last weekend, saw JC Racing partner up with Reaume Bros Racing to put Josh Reaume in the driving seat of number 33 Chevrolet Silverado at NASCAR's camping world truck series race in Atlanta.

Julius Curry Racing continues its long-term partnership with Josh Reaume of
Reaume Bros Racing (RBR) this season. In 2018, Reaume will race full-time on the NASCAR
Camping World Truck series in the No. 33 Chevrolet Silverado sponsored by Julius Curry Racing.

Curry, who formed Julius Curry Racing in 2006, was the first sole minority owner of a NASCR
Craftsman Truck team and has remained active in NASCAR since that time.

Reaume opened the season at the Nextera Energy Resources 250 at Daytona International
Speedway on Feb. 16 and qualified 24th for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at the Atlanta
Motor Speedway this past weekend.

Reaume's performance in Atlanta's Active 200 Pest Control Camping World Truck Series Race on February 24th

Spirits were high as Josh Reaume successfully qualified number 33 for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race on Saturday, coming in at position 24.  Reaume commenced the race at a steady 21 position, holding his place for the first 40 laps before the pit stop.

The RBR pit crew run in rapidly to change out tires on number 33

After a successful pit stop turn around by the RBR team, number 33 was back on the track, with Reaume completing laps at a smooth pace fluctuating between positions 21 to 22.  Things were looking positive for a 2 to 3 position gain to 18 or 19 at the win, but disaster struck at lap 126, when Reaume lost control of number 33, spinning on the bend and almost making collision with the wall.

In an attempt to bring number 33 back under control, number 25, driven by Dalton Sargeant made an impact with Reaume on the spin causing significant damage to the truck front and abruptly cutting number 33's chance of completing the race tragically short. Reaume was recovered from the truck, in good spirits with no injuries.

Number 33 spins out of control on lap 126 

Recovery Team check on Josh to ensure his safety

Despite the collision damage caused to the number 33 chevrolet silverado at the Atlanta race this past weekend,  JC Racing and Reaume Bros Racing fronted by Josh Reaume are in good spirits, and will be ready to race at the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Stratosphere 200 in Las Vegas.

Julius Curry made the following announcement in response to NASCAR trucks coverage of the crash:

"Caught some fluid on the track, spun out and got hit. It is unfortunate we couldnt finish, but Josh did a great job driving the truck and we will be back stronger and faster"

Watch the collision on FS1